New innovation for easy cleaning and also safe to use

Vacuum Cleaners was evolved for the better. In the market, the form of Vacuum Cleaners is no longer great, the design was modern with bright colors display. In terms of function, the main task is simply vacuuming is equipped with a product that can suck the liquid. So no need to panic when a glass of coffee fell and flush your favorite carpet.

It turned out that the evolution of the Vacuum Cleaners does not stop here. In 1985, a leading company of the Italian who is very concerned with the development of Vacuum Cleaners made a breakthrough by creating a high-tech vacuum system. With basic cleaning plus the improvement of indoor air quality. Aertecnica; think clean. Once Vacuum Cleaners that their stretcher. Think clean means to continue to think and strive to improve the quality of human health and minimize the risk of respiratory problems. This concept concrete. This means that central Vacuum Cleaners offers new ideas in cleaning and creating space for us to live healthier and stay alive and to improve the quality of life. Life is a gift of the Almighty that we must guard and maintain. Healthy and quality of life are the hope of every human being on this earth.

Central Vacuum Cleaners translate this concept. Garbage and sewage are “headquarters” of the disease. Evident from the research of experts, millions of bacteria growing breed in it. Garbage and sewage should we waste. Everyone will say agreeably. Garbage and sewage are not supposed to be collected together our life. They did exist all around us, but they are not part of our lives. Aertecnica implements it in the form of an integrated system. The system is able to discard the dirt away from our life and activity. Vacuum Cleaners Systems that suck dirt, remove dirt and throwing to where it should be.

The central Vacuum Cleaners system is a recent innovation of the existing vacuum cleaner system. If any dirt accumulated in the room with us, what happens if the collecting bag full? Imagine how many millions of wasted dirt passing air exhaust duct in the Vacuum Cleaners. That’s what makes this system so options on the right. “REMOVE” not “COLLECT” for collecting behavior is tantamount to cleaning the “temporary”. Media filter, giving you the cleanliness and the highest performance. In a conventional Vacuum Cleaners, filters are commonly used are paper or cloth. Filter the store dust, dirt, but small particles may also close the Vacuum Cleaners filter itself. So as to reduce the air flow, reduces the effectiveness of cleaning. With water filter, Vacuum Cleaner can suck all kinds of impurities such as dust, leftovers, large and small sand, hair, fur, and others.

There are several ways in keeping vacuum cleaner to last longer. Avoid vacuuming the area if it is still wet. We recommend that you wait until the area is dry. This needs to be done to avoid the entry of water droplets into the Vacuum Cleaners. Humidity can cause rust on the engine, so the engine will be damaged quickly. Avoid sucking sized particles. In order nozzle (end of pipe) Vacuum Cleaners not easily clogged.