The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bread Maker

A family preparing food in the kitchenThere is nothing better than waking up to the exhilarating aroma of freshly-baked, delicious bread. Usually, a large number of people don’t get to enjoy this feeling because they are short of time and don’t have the patience to knead the flour, roll it and prepare the bread manually. This is where a bread maker comes to the rescue.

How does this appliance work? Well, it replaces your hands when going through the process of making bread. It takes care of beating, kneading and baking your bread. All you have to do is to have a recipe and accurately measure the ingredients then place the mixture in the bread maker. Once you do this, you don’t have to touch the dough until the end. There is just one little thing that you have to take care of to get the best results – you need to have the right bread maker for the process. Let us look at some of the guidelines to follow when picking the perfect bread machine.

Understand Your Capacity

Slices of Basic White BreadYou need to buy a that meets the eating habits of your family. If you are single or you have a small family, opt for a bread machine that has a capacity of one pound of loaf. One pound equates to 8 slices of bread. On the other hand, if the family is big, then go for a maker that can produce 2 and a half pound of bread or more, which translates into 20 slices of bread.

Before you decide on the capacity, you need to understand the expected changes in your family as well. If you are just starting a family, make sure you take care of future changes in family size. Additionally, if you get visitors on a regular basis, you need to factor this in the decision as well. Remember, it will take you more effort and time to bake enough bread using a small bread maker for a large family. On the other hand, you will end up with leftover bread that goes to waste if you pick a bread maker that is too big for the family needs.

The capacity also defines the size of the bread maker. Therefore, before you go in for the maker, you need to know the available space on your kitchen counter. The space should be large enough to allow you to prepare the ingredients from the same space.

Your Budget

Hamilton Beach breadmaker makes tasty breadsWhen deciding on the best bread maker, you need to consider your budget. The much you can afford will dictate the features the maker comes with. However, in as much as the most expensive machine isn’t necessarily the perfect one for you, you also need to know that the cheapest models won’t give you a wide range of options to play around with.

The price will also depend on the capacity of the bread maker. A 3-pound bread maker will definitely cost you more as compared to a 1-pound maker of the same model.

Before you decide on how much you need to spend on the bread maker, go ahead and find out the features that are most important to you then check out how much you have to part with to get the appliance with these features. Hint: Don’t compromise on the quality of the bread maker just to save a few dollars because you might regret it.

True – You can get a bread maker for $60 or less, but you might be replacing it sooner than you expect. A kitchen is also a place that needs to look stylish, and the appliances add to this décor. With $100 or more, you are sure the bread maker you get is stylish. So, if you are serious, you want to bake bread, invest in a decent, stylish and reliable bread maker.

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